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Which Shipping Method is Best When Shipping from China?

This post discuss the shipping method we should choose when handle imported shipment from China, they are vary from each other, the optimal one will make you ease in the process.

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Why Should You Choose a China Freight Forwarder?

Whether companies or individuals, may meet difficulties when handling every part in international shipping. Selecting the appropriate freight forwarder that handles your shipment general cargo or personal effects, is an important step of international transportation.

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Get a Freight Quote Step by Step

Different freight forwarder, different quote. We can get a quote from many people, agents or your suppliers. How to find the cheapest one is a hot issue.

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5 Factors Determine the Shipping Rates When Importing from China

The shipping rates would not be statics, it is affected by factors like season. View this post for more.

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How to Distinguish Courier Service and Air Freight

Some people would confuse air freight and courier service. Actually they are two different shipping methods, and have many different in 9 aspects.

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Reasonable Logistics Solutions for Cross-border E-commerce

Now, online sales is a hot topic. But it is hard to achieve cargo distribution to buyer, especially for those who comes oversea. There are 4 common shipping methods can do it.

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3 Ways to Implement Shipping Personal Effects or Excess Baggage from China

Do you worry about personal effects, whether these items are too big or too heavy, or easily being damaged when you plan to leave China.

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A Guide about Shipping Lithium Batteries from China

This post is about how to ship lithium batteries when you are import it from China, and you should know packaging requirement during international transportation.

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Guide for Sea Freight & Container Shipping From China

Sea freight has advantages of cheap price and a huge shipping network, every day there are many freighters left China's seaports, carrying all kinds of good to all places in the world.

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Things to Consider when Shipping to Amazon for FBA from China

If you have bought something from Amazon, you might be familiar with them through Amazon 2-day free shipping. This is one of the main reasons why people shop in Amazon.

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Air Freight to Implement Shipping from China: A Basic Guide

With the continuous development of global economic, air freight is an important part of modern international logistics solution.

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Courier Service to Implement Shipping from China: A Comprehensive Guide

International courier service is a door-to-door air freight services that air courier companies deliver your shipment from one country to another, and clear through the destination customs.

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Proper Packaging Your Shipment From China

Packaging is a key factor of transportation quality. A proper packaging of cargo for international shipping requires good understanding in the product and shipping processes. It also requires knowledge on practical experience, guidelines and packaging materials.

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5 Incoterms Commonly Used in China's Export Transportation

Incoterms plays an important role in China's exports and imports. It is a the result of the long-term practice, and gradually form a unified rules that define the obligation of two parties between buyers and sellers for the delivery of commodities under sales agreements.

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