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Air Freight
Pro China Freight specializes in air freight, focusing on offering international freight forwarding services and customized logistics solutions. With experts logistics team, our air freight service can meet you business domestic and international requirements.

As an China air cargo agent, located in Shenzhen, we are close to Hong Kong airport where many cargo is transferred for exporting. Hong Kong is a free trade harbor, exported cargo usually don't have a tariff and the air shipping rates is cheap . By fully using advantages of air agent network covering all major airports in China, we can manage the air shipment from anywhere in China to any destination. Besides, with complete third-party logistics, we can pick up air goods anywhere in China.

To meet a variety of international shipping needs, especially the safety of cargo and transit time, we have built strong relationships with many international airlines. Besides, we are ready to help you get access to the worldwide air freight network, which consists China Southern Airlines(CZ), Air China International Corp(CA), American Airlines(AA), Air Canada(AC), Korean Air(KE), Dragon air(KA), Korean Air (KE), Asiana Airways (OZ), Japan Airlines(JL), Lufthansa German Airlines (LH), Air France (AF), Qantas Airways (QF), and others. With its extensive network, we have enough international flight to get importing cargo entered the target market.

Recommend airlines basing on countries.

  • South Asia - JL,TG, OX, OZ, CX.
  • Middle Asia - EK,EY,KQ,SV, UPS.
  • Europe - EK,TG,CZ, CA, CX, BR,UPS, NW, NH.
  • USA and Canada - CZ, UPS, CA, BR, AA , FX, JI, NH.
  • Australia - OZ, HU, ZH

One-stop air freight Services includes

  • Air cargo agent service
  • Customs clearance
  • No-stop flight or connecting flight
  • Warehouse and consolidation
  • Door-to-door air express

Are you finding direct flights from a city in China to your destination, or want to get a cost for your air shipment weighting less 1 kg. Want to get a instant air shipping price list, please feel free to contact us or get a quote through online form, we are ready to solve your question at any time. And sea freight is cheap shipping mode that can be chosen.

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Pro China Freight is a professional freight forwarder, working on managing air or sea shipment from China to almost all countries including USA, Canada, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Middle East, England, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Denmark and others.