Air Freight from China

In all shipping options available to the public today, air freight is the quickest way when shipping from China. If you are engaged in import and export trade, then you know the importance of getting the goods to the destination more quickly.

The use of air freight means that you are provided with global coverage. Air freight also makes the entire transport process reliable and simple. These services are a perfect solution for goods delivered within limited time or date sensitive.

As you plan to import goods from China, it is important to do some research to get a complete picture of air freight from China. If you don’t do this in this way, you may experience a poor service, especially when you are in urgent need of air cargo.

Why Select Air Freight

With so many shipping methods, you will need to select the proper one based on your business. Regardless of low volume shipments or high value shipments, air freight is one of the best options. Many people do realize the benefits of using air transport services. Here are the reasons why it meets your needs.

Reliable Departure and Arrival Time

Since airlines offer thousands of flights, there are more departure and arrival times. Shipping by air freight is very efficient within one or two day, even our expected time.

When the customer has an emergency package to send, air freight can deliver the parcel to his destination on time. Air freight may be the most important advantage of its speed and frequency, it may be the most reliable means of shipping.

Worldwide Delivery Services

Air freight is the perfect solution for long-distance freight shipping. Most airlines have established a secure cargo network covering any destination around the world. So whether delivery to the domestic destination or a place in the world, air freight are the quickest and most convenient.

High Level of Security

The goods are not likely to be damaged. This is mainly because they are loaded on safe cargo containers and handled very minutely. Besides, The airport implements special safety control measures to reduce the risk of cargo damage or theft during transport. So, your goods will be safely moved to the final destination.

Less Packaging

If you use the air freight option because its short transit time, you need a simple package. This means that you only need the necessary material to pack your air cargo, which will reduce the cost of packaging materials for you. You will be ready to transport the goods in a short period of time, thus reducing your working hours.

How Air Freight Ship Your Parcel

The most common method of air cargo service is to buy regular cargo space or to arrange for special cargo planes, which are usually adapted by large airplane.

By Cargo Plane or Super Cargo Plane.

This kind of plane has no seating capacity and can only deliver goods rather than people, with more space to load. Thus, it can ship bulk cargo, especially large one. But it involves safety, many dangerous goods can only be shipped by special cargo plane, such as lithium batteries, do you want to know more about the how to ship lithium batteries.

By Passenger Plane.

Except passengers and checked baggage, almost all passenger flights carry extra cargo. As you can see the top 4 express companies (DHL,TNT,UPS, FedEx) are hiring passenger planes to ship parcels.

Carriers buy cargo space from commercial airlines may be cheaper than buy special plane in some cases, they are willing to accept the business, and their income comes from air cargo. But, the disadvantage of passenger and freight transport is the limitation of space, which makes this mode not meet the needs of many companies.

Get An Air Freight Rate

No matter what shipping method you use, the cost is your concern. How much does it cost for air freight from China to US?

Generally, the air freight rates is fluctuating, it will be valid for a short amount of time, except holidays and shipping season. Obviously, the shipping cost will change as a result of price changes. But, You can also ask quotes from a variety of air freight services, compare them, them see which one you think will be more reasonable to save your shipping costs.

Many competitors offer differentiated air freight services, providing more options for all markets. The airlines take class rate, and the discount rate ranges from 200 and 500 kilograms.

The weight, size, quantity of goods, port of loading and destination determine the air freight costs. Dimension weight, sometimes called measurement weight, is the basis for calculating costs. Freight companies will always use the higher value between actual gross weight and size weight.

The company you find can guide you through this process, and you need to provide the necessary information so that they can offer you a quote.

Do you want to get an air quote? You can get a free shipping quote from any cargo airline or freight forwarder right away, or you can use our shipping quote form to get the most favorable price for your goods.

Choose the Right Airline

It is very important to choose a suitable airline because it will affect the whole import plan. Not all airlines are the same, and not all airlines will offer all the routes to their destinations. With many airlines providing quality service, there are more options.

In China, there are many airlines providing cheap air freight services, such as Air China, Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Cathay Airways, Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and so on. you can find more destinations with more shipping services.

Booking Direct or indirect flight?

Before you book air freight, you should know which airlines have flights to where you want to go. The difference between direct and connecting flights is freight and time.
he rate of direct flights is more expensive than that of an indirect flight, but faster.

Depending on the airport where you send the goods, you will usually find multiple airlines offering services, some providing direct, or connecting services. Direct flights will arrive at the destination directly from the departure point, without the need to stay in a third country.

However, for connecting flight, when the plane leaves the origin, it will stay in more than 1 countries before it reaches its destination. Your cargo will stay in other countries for a few hours or a few days. As you know the transit time of the connecting service is longer, your goods will be late. connecting flights are cheaper than nonstop flights.

If your goods are time sensitive and need to be delivered quickly, connecting flights are not for you.

Air Freight Forwarders

Air Freight Forwarding Agency
Whenever you are shipping something by air, an Air forwarder can guide you through the process. Many enterprises choose to give the transport business to the freight forwarders. Freight advisors can provide you with as much service as possible. You can focus on business operations, and freight forwarder can help you optimize and control your supply chain.

Save your company’s supply chain costs.

They work with airlines to enter the air network to ensure fast and reliable freight services. Since they are usually one of the airline’s big clients, they have more bargaining power. They can offer discounts on large quantities of goods. Air freight Forwarders pay the airline’s cargo space on scheduled flights, and the freight forwarders lose money when they are unable to carry the goods on plane.
In addition, freight companies can help you save money by merging goods with other goods .

Planning and execution throughout the transportation

Once the freight forwarder takes the shipping order from the customer, they start coordinating the different carriers and multi-shipment options include cargo ships, airplanes, trucks and railways.

Air freight forwarder is responsible for shipping vouchers and customs documents. They comply with strict regulations and understand the laws of the countries in which they serve. Besides, they can combine or disassemble the goods when they are needed.

Therefore, if you need shipping from China, it is very important to find the right air forwarder to handle your goods. Sea freight is a good choice, we recommend it. You must seek support from a trusted freight forwarder, and you may receive a variety of other overseas shipping services.

Track Your Air Cargo

During the transportation process, you should understand the delivery schedule and the company’s tracking of delivery.

If you are worry about how the goods operate in transit, actually there is no need to worry too much, because air shipping has been operating for decades and has formed a good system.

Most airlines have already set up their own websites. Simply log in to the network and track it online. The shipper simply enters the tracking number to determine where to ship at any time.

You can monitor them from departure to arrival to keep you assured that everything is running as expected. Check whether the goods are delayed and what measures are expected to be taken.

But, in some cases these goods will be delayed due to unforeseen situation, such as extreme weather conditions, which impede flight. There is nothing to do but wait, even if we are worried about the goods.

Cargo Control Documents: Air Waybill

Air waybill is the most important cargo management document issued to the shipper by carrier or the freight forwarder after they receive the goods or accept the shipper’s cargo. It is a direct bill of lading, which is issued by the carrier upon receipt of your goods. The carrier is responsible for handling your goods to the designated destination.

It has the following features:
• Record the contract of carriage
• Proof of receipt of goods
• Insurance Voucher (if goods is insured)
• As a customs declaration
• It is a waybill

As a shipper or customer, you should always provide a copy of the bill of lading because you are required to proof that you own or have the right to handle the goods.

Air waybill Main Contents: Shipper information, consignee information, departure and destination airport, flight, date, box number, weight, volume, goods name, Bill of lading number, payment method, whether the designated customs clearance company, and so on.

You will also need to prepare import and shipping documents to ensure that the goods arrive at various destinations and checkpoints, and quickly and easily through customs.

Get an Understanding on the Airport Code (IATA/ICAO)

The airport code is the short password defined to identify for each airport. There are two types of code, IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization).

IATA Code has three letters, ICAO code has a four letter password. IATA codes are used for such things as checked baggage between airports and booking of air seats. ICAO code is less used in the public, but for air traffic control, flight planning and air cargo tracking.

Sometime, look at your baggage tag or air waybill, and you will see the airport code instead of the origin and destination city name spelling. With more than 140 airports and 12 major airports throughout China, it is easy to handle air cargo in China.

Top 10 Airports in China

  • Beijing Capital International Airport: PEK.
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport: PVG.
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: CAN.
  • Kunming Chang Shui International Airport: KMG.
  • Hangzhou International Airport: HGH.
  • Hong Kong International Airport: HKG.
  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport: CTU.
  • Xi’an Xianyang international Airport: XIY.
  • Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport: CKG.
  • Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport: SZX.
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport: SHA.

Size Or Weight Limitations

Before shipping, you must know the size and weight of the goods shipped. Airlines impose restrictions on the carriage of goods.

If your goods are too large or too heavy, airlines would refuse to ship them, you can’t use air freight. With limited cargo space, airline need to calculate the cargo space and load, fill space as much as possible but not overweight, also maximize the profit.

Besides, the size of your package must conform to the configuration of unit load device(ULD). The unit load device is a set of equipment used for loading cargo in the plane, with two types of container, pallet and cargo net combinations. Because of different plane models, the configured ULDs is also different.

Each plane may have unique configuration and requirements, especially in terms of size limitations, so the small package can easily pass through the cargo compartment door. It is thus recommended that you contact your air carrier to see if your oversize cargo can be loaded into the cargo compartment of the plane.

Dangerous Goods

Be aware of dangerous liquids or chemical substances. When transporting such items, air freight is always more stringent. Shipping such goods is very dangerous for airplanes and humans, as they may react to other substances on the way and pose a danger to the rest of the aircraft.
The cost of the aircraft and the passengers it carries determine that it needs to be more concerned about the safety of the flight, so the airline has developed a number of rules and regulations to avoid any accidents.

If you transport ordinary goods, your goods will be smoother. If you do need to ship something that is considered dangerous, be sure to prepare the appropriate paperwork before you start. You will need this information to complete the shipment.

Not all countries are allowed to import batteries or products with internal batteries. Due to the laws of the State, the shipping company will refuse them. If you need to ship lithium batteries or products with lithium batteries, please contact your shipping company for assistance. They offer air solutions for your cargo.