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Our Freight Forwarding Services of Air and Sea Shipment

Professional and safe shipping. Freight forwarders are essential to the ultimate success of importing or exporting goods regularly. If your business cannot be handled correctly, then your business will be affected. We have a complete transport system. Whether your cargo is large or small, we can match your needs. Start your inquiry, and we are happy to answer any questions about shipping.

Air Freight

Air freight is widely used. Because of its timeliness and in fact it can be moved in a short period of time, so convenient.

Sea Freight

If you have enough time to plan your shipment, choosing to send your international cargo by sea freight may be your best bet.


We also provide warehousing facilities. If you ship large quantities of goods, short-term storage can ease your attention.

What Our Customers Say:

Excellent Service

I recently imported something from China, I approached PRO China Freight. They provides us with all the information we need for processes, rates, solutions and all documents. After I spoke to some of my competitors, I decided to choose PRO China Freight. Customer service is very helpful. They know and guide me through the whole process. I soon received my stuff.

Fred Robertson

China to Australia

From Shenzhen, China, to Melbourne, Australia, PRO China Freight is excellent at every step. I recommend this company with confidence to meet all your transportation needs. Quick response, really enthusiastic staff! Thank you so much!

Rita Jenkins

A Great Company

I need to collect samples from several factories in China and use their warehouses! They make the whole process so simple that everything is explained in front of it! Our cargo is in good condition and Vincent has done an excellent job of communicating throughout the time and has caught up with our schedule. We’ll use these guys again next!


Shipping The Whole Container

We have just received a 20′ container from Shanghai to USA. Very good shipping services, quality customer service. My questions have been answered. Thank you!

Mark Duncan


Contact us, fill out the Contacts form or quote form, give us a call (+86) 755 23722324, or send an email to give us the necessary information including the starting and destination address, the size and weight of the goods, and the exact description of the cargo.

Prices vary according to commodity, destination, size, weight and the type of transportation chosen. Our employees need to know the details of your goods after they will be happy to assist you and give you the best one.

  • Booking of space from carrier
  • Cargo insurance
  • Packaging, labeling and labeling suggestions and tips
  • Fill out export documents
  • Advice and guidance on foreign import regulations
  • Arranging packaging and container products
  • Export Customs Clearance

Yes. We provide unaccompanied baggage transport services for students and overseas travellers, and you can contact our transport Department for advice on this service.

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PRO China Freight

China Freight Forwarder | Professional & Safe Transportation

We are freight forwarders. Importers around the world use our freight services. The operation of transporting goods from one place to another can be complex. Many issues need to be addressed, including warehousing, shipping, paperwork, customs, and taxes, and we will do most of the work for customers. We take the time to study various transport methods and freight companies in order to handle freight budgets with caution. With a variety of cargo solutions, it’s also easy to find the right one.

We have the expertise to provide freight forwarding services to our customers around the world. We have a professional team that ensures the delivery of goods and products to any part of the world through efficient and fast freight services. We offer a portfolio of services including sea, air, oversized freight, door-to-door delivery, warehousing, consolidation, etc.

Over the years, we have focused on China’s imports. If your business is also involved in this area, you may want to find the right freight forwarder. We get involved and make things easy. Depending on your cargo type and business needs, our reliable transportation team can find the right transportation solution for you, maximizing efficiency and cost savings, while you will focus on your business.

We will not necessarily be the carrier of your cargo, but will certainly help you safely ship the goods to the desired destination.  Start stepping up your shipping and enhance your importing experience.