Avoid Shipping Delays
The goods are delayed every day. Millions of goods are moving around the world every day. Some are shipped internationally, some at home, but all have one thing in common: Someone is waiting for the other side to ship. It would be frustrating if the package didn’t arrive on time.

For both small and large companies, most people recognize that efficiency is critical. The best order fulfillment service come up to 99% on-time delivery success rate, but this still has the opportunity, even if it is a small one, your delivery may be delayed.

Why Is There A Delay On Delivery?

Let us know the cause of the delay in order to avoid it again in the future. The fact is that there may be many factors delaying the goods. This applies to all sea freight, air freight and other freight shipping both in China and around the world. Learn the most common causes of latency and use services that minimize these services. Here are some tips to help avoid unnecessary delays.

Holidays Shipping

We are worried about the performance of shipping during the holiday season. In fact, freight traffic will increase significantly before and after the holidays, and the huge volume of cargo shipment causes delays. In addition, most courier companies like DHL, FedEx and UPS, do not provide delivery services during the holidays.

Suggestion: Ship the goods in advance to avoid busy holiday shipping.

Before shipping from China, first of all, we should try to avoid these Chinese statutory holiday, such as National Day, China Spring Festival. As well, Christmas Days is the peak season for China’s export shipments, you should make a shipping plan for it.

The cut-off time for most courier is Saturday evening, you should deliver goods before the deadline as far as possible. Last, you also need to know the holiday of destination.

Read more about how to avoid holidays shipping.

Customs Clearance Delays

The clearance delays means that the consignment is reviewed and evaluated by the customs. Sometimes delivery is late, one of the common reasons is the clearance procedure. A government Department that examines customs duties and levies on goods entering or leaving a country.

Incorrect Customs Declaration

If you do not declare the correct value of your goods, the Customs judges you are suspected of tax evasion, they will review your imports. Besides, any wrong description of the goods, which may result in a categorization error, causing the license to be incorrect (or without a license).

Incorrect Paperwork And Documents

Incorrect paperwork, even small details, can lead to serious delays in your cargo.

Customs clearance delays may lead to the company’s business, not only into setbacks and demurrage fees, but also to pay the delay clearance of additional warehousing costs.


Offer Correct Cargo Documents and Information.

Information in commercial invoice must match cargo, description of goods is very important for the export and import. Ambiguous name and description like hardware and accessories can’t be used as a product name, if you did, it may affect the importing and cause delay. At the same time, you’d better to choose proper packaging for goods that is meet its nature and requirements of proper packaging.

Make Close Cooperation With Customs Broker.

If any document is lost, the shipper and the consignee shall provide the relevant documents to the customs as far as possible. In addition, if there are tariffs on imported goods, the recipient must pay.

Familiar with shipping Rules And Import Restrictions.

Most people don’t take the time to study a country’s specific customs requirements. During customs verification, the package may be delayed for days or even weeks, or even not imported, and sometimes sent back to the sender. The shipper had to pay a return fee, or even encounter a costly mistake.

External Factors

Weather, regional tensions and other natural conditions will cause shipping delays. Airlines use aircraft, tractor trailers and other fast modes to transport parcels from the origin to their destinations. If there are severe weather such as snowstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes, it will delay you cargo for several days.

Our Suggestion: There is really nothing to do. Even if you plan everything, sometimes your goods will be delayed, so be sure to add some buffer time to the supply chain plan.


When the package is delayed, the carrier will make every effort to inform the customer. However, this does not minimize consumer frustration, and shipment tracking updates will eventually stop if the package is lost. The addressee must take action to locate the package or claim.

The second aspect to consider is the mode of delivery, or simply the way in which the goods are transported. The researchers need to know the delivery cycle schedule to avoid delays or damage to the goods.

You can prevent this from happening by using the most reliable delivery services. If you use it, most of the time you do not have to worry about any delay in your shipment. Shipping companies have made a accurate way to estimate your total shipping time. If possible, they are very strict about meeting their delivery time commitments.

Following these, very simple reminders can effectively prevent fatal shipping delays.

What Benefits Brings to You When Avoiding Shipping Delays

No company wants to offer its products to customers later than pledged time. This is done to establish a long-term business connection with the customer. Certainly, you need to firmly follow the punctual delivery and avoid delay in supply, business will get great profit in following respects.

Increase Customer Confidence

When the business is delayed, the customer hesitates because the vendor is unable to execute the plan. Worse, your customers lose confidence and even stop relationships.

Your customers want their goods to be delivered as agreed, and to meet or exceed their expectations. So on-time delivery can show your company’s strength, and increase customer confidence in further cooperation.
Strengthen the Relations With Customer

One of the most serious costs that any company pays for delay the delivery of a product is loss of relationship. These new customers will immediately cut their relationship with the current business and continue to seek the new one that provide stability.

Ample Cash Flow.

There is no delay in the supply chain, so that the company can operate smoothly, there is no surplus inventory and no need for urgent replenishment.


Companies can efficiently use resources, which is enough to reduce operating costs and eliminate waste. In particular, business have to bear the cost of production and staff .

Gain Business Reputation

Each on-time delivery will impress the customer, which can improve the company’s reputation.

Pro China Freight Can Do for You

The goal of the China freight forwarder is to work with you to make the goods as efficient as possible. If your shipment is delayed, perhaps they can help you recover the shipment.

Some of the most reputable shipping companies have been well served by many global applause. They provide sensitive and reliable port to port and door-to-door freight services. Some of them are famous freight companies that cover almost every important destination in the world.

You will get the advantage from us, thus you can get or provide a better customer delivery experience while minimizing the risk of delays.