Cross Border E-commerce Logistics
E-commerce Logistics is one of the key aspects of every online business, it is very important in strategy making and business planning. With the development of e-commerce, the demand for logistics solutions is getting higher. Because fast service delivery helps you gain customer loyalty.

Your company is the product of the production of expert. Through e-commerce, contact with the Internet is an important channel for enterprises to open the international market.

The fact is that some Internet companies now reject international orders because they are not ready to meet these cross border orders. So while the internet allows companies to sell their products on the international market, many companies have no plans to expand their access to more international orders.

Cross-border E-commerce requires a fast delivery process to enable consumers to gain a good shopping experience. The following three options to Cross-border fulfillment are discussed.


Self-fulfillment is an option for e-commerce retailers to pack and distribution as their own business. For the new e-commerce retailer, if you do the last kilometer distribution by itself, it will cost a huge amount of money to build the warehouse and hire the distribution staff.

If the distribution scope is small, the product variety is limited, the consumer group is also relatively small, self-fulfillment is a workable choice for realizing the business of high efficiency e-commerce.

The key step in fulfilling international orders is to prepare for international shipments. Smaller products mean air freight is affordable, DHL, FedEx and UPS provide excellent door-to-door delivery.

Self-fulfillment will allow retailers to package products according to their brand strategy. As the scale of the network enterprises expands and expands to more regions and countries, orders begin to increase. The distribution costs increases, self-fulfillment will impede the development of enterprises.

Sellers will have to outsource the fulfillment of E-commerce to 3PL, with the least investment to reach customers effectively around the world.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Supplier And Fulfillment Company

Third-party logistics providers can provide efficient inventory management, packaging and transportation to meet the e-commerce company to achieve rapid business growth. E-commerce provides consumers with the ability to compare products quickly and easily.

Third-party logistics providers are particularly useful for online stores in the busy season and holidays, where demand for products has soared. For sellers, the use of flexible warehousing service providers can increase inventory when needed, reduce the warehousing demand during off-peak seasons, as well maximizing supply chain efficiency. These services can help the online store to challenge peak season and holidays because 3pl can fluently fulfill the order.

There are many companies offering e-commerce fulfillment services, such as the Amazon Fulfillment Center (Read on to know more about Shipping to Amazon FBA), FLOSHIP, SHIPWIRE, FedEx Fulfillment Center and so on. They usually promise to fulfill your order quickly and efficiently. Almost all e-commerce companies need to deliver their products quickly and efficiently. If you have such need, please select a fulfillment center that provides a 48-hour shipping guarantee.

Through Internet technology to connect to every corner of the world, third-party supplier networks cover most countries. Online stores can sell their products around the world. It expands the online store’s customer base to help you quickly explore the international market. This adds to the competitive edge of e-commerce because they can fulfill international delivery through efficient supply chains.

Advantages of 3PL Providers

Besides, outsourcing your e-commerce logistics needs bring you many advantages.

Resource Network

Most 3PL providers have build a large network of resources, and many distribution and fulfillment centers. Use all their resources to build your supply chain efficiently and quickly. This quality of resources is a huge advantage.

Save Time And Money

Outsourcing saves you reliable time and money. The use of third-party logistics services means that you no longer need to invest in warehouse, transportation, technology and after-sale. They are your best allies as they build a complete supply chain, which can be provided to you for use.

With fulfillment services, online stores can operate efficiently and save time. Most offline business are taken care of, so sellers can focus more on marketing to get more customers.


The 3pl brings you flexible supply chain. Any providers can easily expand manpower and logistics warehouse basing the inventory requirements, only need you to pay the user fees. For companies with seasonal needs, this ability can help any company to expand and reduce space and resources as needed. With comprehensive services, they handle the entire supply chain, also gives you the flexibility to use specific services when needed.

Multiple Shipping Options

Your fulfillment company should be able to provide various shipping options such as UPS and FedEx, even air freight, as well as sea freight. If your goods contain dangerous substances, your goods need to be treated in particular during transport.

Drop Shipping for E-Commerce

Drop shipping is a very novel order fulfillment method for e-business. This allows you to retail merchandise on the Internet. After customers have placed an order, the drop shipper directly completes your order from the packaging to shipping. And in most cases they look like the order was sent from your warehouse.

As a result of the wholesale drop the shipper will give the seller a wholesale price, the seller proceeds from the difference between the fees he charges to the customer and the product cost he buys.

Drop shippers can provide the right to sell exclusive products in a region,, so you can avoid the homogenization of competition. When you are the sole distributor of a popular product, this is clearly a lucrative profit.

There are various wholesale drop shipping companies that you can find from all over the world like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and so on. Build your own supplier network, and you can sell all your suppliers’ products on your e-commerce website or other e-commerce platform such Amazon, eBay and Wish.

The drop shipping model has many unique advantages over wholesale models.

Easy to Start

You don’t have to spend a lot of stock wholesale before starting a retail business. This translates into very low start-up costs. If you start an E-commerce Web site that is designed to keep the minimal inventory, or no inventory at all. You will establish a partnership with a wholesale vendor that provides sorting transport services.

While still in its early stages, even if your product is out of date and sales are low, there won’t be much damage because there is no stock. As a result, you can start your business with a variety of products provided by drop shipper, and find products that are suitable for the market.

In fact, most drop shippers are willing to print your company name on package of the product or use your customized brand packaging so it makes the package looks like shipping from you to the customer.

No Need Warehousing

Another major advantage of drop shipping is that the product inventory of drop shipper is also your inventory. You do not have to provide storage space for your goods, and you do not need to bear the cost of the warehouse. Drop Shipper Product inventory can be used for you.

Do you need China Warehouse?

No Minimum Quantity Limit

Your order has no minimum quantity limit. Many wholesalers will set a certain number of purchase thresholds. Sometimes, in order to get cheaper shipping costs, you need to buy a certain amount of products from the supplier as inventory to your warehouse. By drop shipping, you can increase your website directory without cost and you can sell as many products as possible.


Compare their costs and benefits to determine which one is best for your cross border e-commerce. Delays hinder your progress, and delays in transportation can affect delivery schedules. Timely delivery can provide you with competitiveness, and bring great benefits to your e-commerce.

You can save money by Third-party logistics services and efficient low-cost operations. They are the fulfillment company with professional knowledge, flexibility and agility. You want to work with third party logistics vendors who can rely on and believe in the first time to complete their work. So You can specialize in e-commerce marketing work.