China Courier Service
Have you ever used China courier service? When you want to deliver your package in a short time, you need a courier service. Some of the larger courier companies will provide Express international courier services, allowing you to quickly and securely send files and parcels to any location in the world.

From individuals to enterprises using courier services, whether it is across the city or around the world of goods transport, courier services are becoming more and more indispensable.

We are just looking forward to excellent courier service. However, it is important to know how it works. Let’s get to know the courier.

How Courier Service Works

International shipping begins with picking up goods from your home or office. Once the process begins, your package will be taken to the warehouse or sent
directly to the airport or seaport.

Throughout the process, courier companies can use air and land freight to deliver your goods, this is a multimodal transport process. Your package will be shipped many times before reaching the final destination. Domestic companies are more keen on using cars, and international companies rely on air freight and sea freight to deliver packages. Express service is faster than postal parcel service.

To put it simply, the employees of the Express company connect you and the recipient and transport your items across the world.

You Can Get China Courier Services

Express Company in several different ways to achieve efficient service. They help customers meet their delivery deadlines by providing guaranteed delivery times and match customer schedules by providing flexible delivery options.

Courier companies offer international courier services to ship your goods from one country to another. When you decide which courier service to use, the first thing you need to consider is how fast you need to achieve your goals and budget. For courier companies, this means that different services must be provided to meet the needs of the customer.

Courier companies provide the following types of international delivery services:
• Standard International Delivery – If your delivery is not time sensitive, standard services are often the most cost-effective. Depending on your courier company, it may take up to 4-7 days to reach your destination. This service is usually cheaper and most popular.

• International Commercial Delivery – Some courier companies offer this service, and you can send packages in extreme emergencies, which can be expensive. The best part of this service is to ensure that the courier arrives at the destination before the selected time. However, this service covers only a few cities. They are able to deliver faster.

Why Use Courier Service

When you use courier services, you can rest assured through each of the services they provide. You will be able to access the convenience, reliability and security. Whether you are sending packages to domestic or international recipients, package service is excellent.

Here are the benefits of international courier.

Door to Door Option

Then the courier service actually offers many benefits, making it a choice for most senders. There are some great benefits here, and you’ll definitely find them.

If required, you can better control the delivery of goods by door to door. The courier service will pick up the parcel from your home or office in China, and when the parcel arrives at the destination, the courier delivers it to the recipient’s hands.

Fast Delivery Speed.

Courier companies usually rely on air transport, they also set up cargo airlines for long-distance shipments. The plane can reach international destinations in a matter of hours or days. Short travel time reduces the likelihood of damaged or stolen goods.

By contrast, sea freight deliveries may take several weeks to reach. Many DHL and FedEx Standard Services guarantee 2-days shipment, especially business users who are looking for it. This can meet the need for urgent delivery of supply chain companies and individuals.

Outstanding Tracking Service

Courier companies provide tracking services, tracking complete process of the goods from being extracted to be delivered.  People like this feature, which is better than sea and air tracking.

Free parcel tracking is a good choice for customers. They know more about the transport details by tracking, without having to worry about the entire transport process.

At any stage of the delivery process, you can track where your package is and when it arrives at the destination. If there is any shipping delay, you can also know whether the customs clearance issue or your package is lost?

Accessibility of Global Destinations

One of the most important things that international courier must have is access to global destinations, a large network of global delivery agencies to ensure the speedy and secure arrival of your package. Addition to the urban areas, they offer a type of delivery service to remote areas.

International Courier Supplier: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT – Which One is Your Choice?.

In fact, some well-known international courier companies can provide delivery services anywhere in the world, and they have established branches in any part of the world. Certainly, they have entered the Chinese market early and are known for their excellent and effective service.

These international express companies are FedEx,DHL,TNT,UPS,ARAMEX.

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As mentioned above, there are a number of options to select the courier supplier. All of these providers offer a variety of services and costs. They have different advantages in different countries and regions. FedEx and UPS, for example, dominates in the USA and Canada, but sometimes has no service advantage in other countries.

However, DHL often looks strong in Europe and Africa, but its market share in the United States is far less than that of FedEx and UPS. Besides, TNT is often considered too expensive for many regions.

In short , using the services of these renowned courier companies, customers can get the best delivery service and the best delivery time. E-commerce company can provide effective fulfillment services to their customs through them.

6 Questions To Ask When Choosing Courier Service

There are a lot of courier services so that you can wonder what to ask when looking for a courier service.
Q:Can they guarantee delivery to your schedule?
Q:Is there a limit to the size and weight of the package?
Q:What kind of freight services do they offer?
Q:Is the product insured during transit?
Q:Is there an surcharge? (Remote fee).

More Than Small Parcels, Courier Service Can Deliver Heavy Parcel

In the past, if your shipment is strange, that is, the packing shape is irregular, you will be refused by courier companies. The market demand has also prompted the industry to change, they relaxed the rules, tubular packaging can also be delivered by courier service.

In addition to documents and small parcels, people always want to sends a fairly large item, and the delivery of these items can be a nightmare. Many times, trucks or even forklifts are needed to deliver heavy goods to customers. In the past, you couldn’t get such a service.

Today, many professional companies can provide you with fast delivery, even for large, heavy or bulky packaging. The usual parcel delivery service can send parcels weighing up to 500 kilograms in almost anywhere, or even heavy goods with a single piece of more than 68 kg (661 lb) and no more than 300 kilograms, with a certain additional charge.

Courier companies provide heavy cargo delivery service with reasonable cost.

How To Package Your Courier Parcel

One of the most important parts of packaging. Many people worry that transportation may damage their parcels. As a shipper, how do you protect your goods by wrapping them.

First of all, we have to follow the packaging guide, this is the express company for you to develop packaging rules. Sometimes The courier company rejects irregular packaging, such as tubular packaging. Anyway, they always require the packing to be sealed. If the goods are damaged, they can prevent the goods from leaking and polluting other shipments.

Just follow the guidelines they give you, you should not encounter any questions about packing your goods.

If you are unsure how to physically package your goods, please ask a copy of packaging guide from your courier. Or, Pro China Freight service will tell you that proper packing of your goods will help ensure that your goods are not damaged, ensure that they are not lost during shipping, and you can get insurance despite your best packaging work.