About Us

Since its creation, Pro China Freight Ltd has been devoted itself fully to the international transportation of China's trade with others countries in the world. We can handle all kinds of goods and all sizes of shipment for both business and personal affairs. With advanced technology used by our logistics specialists, we customize the best shipping solution which meets your specific international shipping needs.

Pro China Freight is an international freight forwarding service provider in Shenzhen, China. We provide many kinds of cargo services including sea freight, air freight, international courier and customs broker. With rich experience in international shipping, we are good at handling shipment from the origin to destination. We can get access to a worldwide cargo network covering over 230 countries and regions.

We aim to offer safe, reliable, swift shipping services, and anytime we always do our best to be your business partners and always act in the interest of your firm. To meet requirements of international freight business and clients, we behave strictly according to the rule of industry. Consequently, we guarantee clients its commitments for delivery of high quality, complete transit to the cargo destination.

  • All kinds of freight forwarding services
  • Customs clearance service
  • Import or export service
  • Warehousing and distributing service
  • Full of export documents
  • Goods inspection and quarantine operations
  • Small parcel shipping


Working with the right freight forwarding company is an important step for your business or individual shipping. If you are looking for high-quality and standards logistics services when shipping from China. With help of Pro China freight, you can get one-stop logistics solution.

Safety of Cargo

To protest your valuable and important cargo, we pay attention to the whole shipping process and use modern freight facilities.


With rich experience in international transportation, we are familiar with regulations of China export and customs.


Our services guideline are efficient, fast, reliable and to ensure that your cargo is delivered to final destination within the transit time required with working around clock.

Quick Response

With convenience of the network and advance of logistics management, we can make a quick response to your requirement.

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