PRO China Freight has been committed to the international transportation of Trade between China and other countries around the world. We can handle all kinds of cargo and cargo of all sizes for shippers. We can tailor the best shipping solution for your specific international shipping needs.

Who Are We

Pro China Freight is an international freight forwarding service provider based in Shenzhen, China. We offer a variety of freight services, including sea freight and air freight. With extensive experience in international shipping, we are good at handling the transportation of goods from China to your country.


Our Goals

Our goal is to provide safe, reliable and fast transportation services, and we will do our best to be your business partner at all times and always act for the benefit of your company. In order to meet the requirements of the international freight business, we strictly follow the rules of the industry. Therefore, we assure you of your commitment to delivering high-quality, complete transportation to the destination of your goods.
We treat your goods as our own business, and our company’s goal is to save you time, money, and effort so that you can focus on running your business.


What We Do for You

We provide international shipping services to many companies daily. We can handle all types of shipments, providing a one-stop solution. We will meet your needs and provide reliable freight from China to ensure on-time delivery and the goods are in perfect condition.

Air Freight

Air freight is the fastest way to transport goods from one place to another. This may be the best option for time-sensitive goods that must be delivered on time. We keep up with the demand for freight services and ensure that such services are superior to meet your requirements. We provide personalized and customized air freight services for small and medium-sized companies. With air freight services, you can get your cargo very quickly.
Sea freight Is a mode of transport that transports goods from China. It is also an affordable solution, making it the best choice for exporters and suppliers. There are two main types of sea freight: FCL or FCL or less than container or LCL. You will receive instruction at all stages, including payment of port fees and advice on shipping the goods to your country.

Packaging In transit, packing more of your goods is important and it protects against damage. If your goods are very weak in packaging, we can help you replace or strengthen the packaging. Use stiffer packaging or use wooden boxes.

Customs clearance

In some countries, we have customs clearance services, one-stop for you to provide international freight services. We provide you with customs clearance and customs-consistent shipping solutions.



We can provide you with a one-month free collection service for small shipments. Using our warehouse, you can collect goods from different suppliers. Our dedicated systems can provide you with the best storage and warehousing solutions, thus minimizing your inventory and logistics expenses.

Principles of our Team

We take your goods seriously。

Our number one priority is safety – From the moment we receive your goods, we take care of every step to ensure that we always maintain the quality and safety


Work with us, we provide prompt support and answer all your questions effectively. Whether it’s before or during transit, you can get clear instructions.

Customized Services

Provide customized services based on the services you need. The services of reliable and economical transport solutions are particularly important. You need to think about the importance of working with shipping companies to the success of your business.

Good Services

We provide prompt support and answer all your questions effectively. Whether it's before or during transit, you can get clear instructions.

Timely delivery

Based on your shipping options. No matter which shipper story you choose, we connect to a structured network of agents worldwide, ensuring that your goods are delivered on time.
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