Freight Shipping from China to Australia

There are three freight services for shipping from China to Australia: air freightcourier serviceand sea freight (LCL and FCL).

Air freight and courier service are very fast and safe.

Air freight is a port-to-port service, and it requires the consignee to arrange pickup and customs clearance after the cargo reaches the destination airport. Air cargo price depends on departure and destination port, cargo weight, rates scale.

Courier service is a door-to-door air cargo service, and it is a good option for cargo weight less than 45 kg.

Sea freight is the cheapest model, but it has a long transit time within 20 – 30 days when shipping from China to Australia. Besides, sea freight requires a minimum weight of 1 cube meter (CBM).

Air Freight and Courier Service to Australia

Air cargo cost: Total weight * shipping price per kg + other fees like pick up or customs fee.

Naturally, air freight has a high speed in transportation. For example, If a regular direct flight takes off at Shenzhen Airport at 5 pm Tuesday, it will take 10 hours to arrive in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Our air cargo service has a variety of direct flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and other cities in Australia.

Besides, we offer door-to-door air courier service, and it is a good option for cargo with a light weight of less than 45 kg.

As you know, DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS are the top 4 express companies in the world. They have offered services in China and Australia for years. And their air cargo services are quick and safe.

Are you looking for door-to-door air service and want to know how much the shipping cost from China to Australia by air? Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to get back to you.

Sea Freight to Australia Via Part or Full Container

Our sea freight service covers all seaports in China, and we can pick up your sea shipment anywhere and then arrange your cargo to the nearest port. We have got access to a container shipping network, and sea routes can connect all seaports in Australia.

If cargo is less than 20 CBM, we advise shared container service. If it is more than 20 CBM, we should choose a full cargo container service.

  • 20 ft GP can load cargo up 17.5 tons or 33 CBM.
  • 40 ft GP can load cargo up 22 tons or 68 CBM.

The price for a full container from China to Australia is very low.

Transit time

1.20-25 days from Guangzhou to Melbourne or Sydney.
2.25 days from Guangzhou to Brisbane.
3.30 days from Guangzhou to Adelaide.
Do you want to know more about sea freight prices and routes, please feel free to contact us via phone or email!