Personal Effects and International Moving

When talking about overseas immigrants or returning home after having stayed in China for some time, luggage transportation can be a greater burden. We can save your time and reduce your costs if you select the right logistics solution for your moving. Whether you are planning to send out one piece of luggage or a lot of one, there is the appropriate method for your shipment.

With professional and reliable team, we can meet your personal requirements and we will transport your personal effects or excess luggage from China to almost any countries including Australia, Africa, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Canada, North and South America, Far and Middle East, Tanzania, England, Scotland, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. You can connect to our worldwide network of partners in over 200 countries.

Personal items includes following:

  • 1. CDs
  • 2. Books
  • 3. Clothes
  • 4. Electronic products
  • 5. Papers
  • 6. Souvenirs
  • 7. Bikes
  • 8. Beds

PRO China Freight, China independent freight forwarder has a long experience in shipping personal effects worldwide. Our company will ensure safety, delivery time and cheap rates in the delivery of personal effects with our global Agency network. To ease your mind, we provide you the most comprehensive insurance services for your personal belongings.

As some of major carriers and largest courier companies in the world, DHL Express, Fedex Express and TNT Express devote themselves to international freight transport. To pander business and personal requirements of international clients, we have partnership with them to make transport luggage worldwide professional. Although DHL focus on international courier services, we are very good at luggage shipping from China. Pro China freight and DHL Express help clients to send luggage to over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

No matter where you are transport your personal effects to ,we handle your shipments professionally and smoothly during shipping. Although DHL has improved transport cargo internationally, we have improved shipping luggage internationally. There are completely different strategies about means of transport and if you choose us , you will get the best luggage shipping services. Whether you are shipping luggage overseas, shipping to USA, or shipping to Australia, or shipping to Canada, you can believe that your baggage will be delivered on time.

Why choose PRO China Freight for your luggage shipping overseas? what benefits can you get when using our luggage shipping service?

Quantities of luggage and method of transport are up to you

Our shipping rates is 10-50 percent lower than other freight forwarders

Door-to-Door service. No need for you to bring with superfluous baggage

All you luggage will be delivered to its destination on time

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Pro China Freight is a professional freight forwarder, working on managing air or sea shipment from China to almost all countries including USA, Canada, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Middle East, England, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Denmark and others.