A Guide to Start When Shipping from China to USA

Shipping from China to USA

With the growth of the China - US trade, more and more shipment enter USA from China. If you are planning to buy from the biggest market in the world, there are some things you need to consider. One more important one is how to get the shipment into USA.

When it comes to shipping from China to USA, how to choose the right mode of transport. We should consider time requirement and budget. For example, it will take a few working days if shipping by air freight, On the contrary, the transit time of sea freight to USA is within 15-30 working days.

The scope of cargo includes consumer goods, office supplies, industrial equipment, materials, personal effects and automotive vehicles (cars, parts, and engines).

PRO China Freight Ltd is an freight agent, and offer a variety of freight services to USA such as courier, air freight, and container service. No matter your shipment is urgent, fragile, LCL Bulk, we can handle it. Besides, we are local logistics experts in China, because we have years of experience in China export to US. Whatever your logistics requirements involve, we are try our best to meet yours.

Air Freight From China To USA

If you are doing something to take more control on logistics supply chain, air freight is the optimal mode for international moving because there are thousands of flights running among airports. Building a relationship with an local air freight forwarder in China, we have rich logistics resource to assist to ship your air cargo.

Regardless of you want to ship cargo to New York, Chicago, Houston or other city in USA, with the extension networks, we can manage it from picking to delivery. Once you have bought a shipping order, the first step is to book space. We have many resources by long-term cooperation with top airlines to offer you a competitive air price .

Need Door-to-Door Air Service?

If you want to send some parcels that weight less than 150 kg out from China with less handling, you should choose courier services. It doesn't require you to handle customs clearance and picking up.

However, air freight runs between airports, there is few door-to-door service .If you need it, you should choose courier service. What is more, express carriers do all jobs until shipment has been delivered. View the post door-to-door courier services to learn more.

Top express companies (FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT) have created strong links between China and USA, Besides, they offer convenient service for shipper to tracking instant online.

Shipping Container From China To USA

Container shipping lines link almost all seaports one by one. Contact a sea freight forwarder and offer some information your cargo, and then you will get a container shipping rates.

Once you have ordered a freight service, we will pick up the shipment to the nearest port by trucks. Truck driver deliver it to the container yard and will not leave until it is loaded onto the container. Customs broker requires you to offer the original bill of sale, it is a quite straight forward process. And then we will offer appropriate documents that meet the export regulations and make sure that container shipping process will be done successfully.

We focus on high quality container shipping service, so you can concentrate on what you are familiar with. Container freight service includes LCL (less than container) or FCL (Full Container Load), please view Shipping Container Specifications for more information.

There are popular seaports in west coast including Oakland, Seattle, Los Angeles, as well, major ones in east coast are New York, Savannah, Miami, Norfolk, Jacksonville, Charleston.

Anyway, the sea freight rates to ports in west coast in US is cheaper than shipping to east coast.

Things You Should Know

We need to know the rules about freight, so as to manage the shipment better. There are some things we need to know when import cargo into US.

AMS -Automated Manifest System ( for anti-terrorism ): Those cargo entering USA and Canada need to declare to AMS within 48 hours, shipper must provide real information including company name, address , phone number and others. Each AMS cost 25 to 30 dollar. There is an addition pay for modifying declared information after having finished first AMS.

ISF - Importer Security Filing: Importer need to make declaration for ISF when the ship reaches to post in USA before 72 hours.

Weight Restriction: There may be a weight limit when moving cargo to inland destination basing on states regulations. So shippers need to avoid being fined and make sure the container is not overweight.

Get A Shipping Rates from China to USA

We list several logistics solutions from China to USA and recommend the best one to you. If you want to know the shipping price, please fill out the quote form or send an email to us. If you want to know more information about international transport, you can view other posts on our website.

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